Graduation Lunches - School Lunches Essay

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School Lunches
Every kid thinks about what is for lunch when they get to school it’s the first thing on their mind is what they get to eat for lunch, trust me I know I was a kid once. Parents worry about how healthy their kids lunches are in today’s society. Their are 2 sides to this argument the healthy side and the side that doesn’t care about what they eat but want to have more than a bird serving. People today don’t care how or what they eat and obesity is beginning to become a problem in today’s world. Back in the day you had to get up and exercise or you wouldn’t make it to survive then. Now you don’t have to walk, ride horses, or move around as much as you did a century ago. In today’s world we can drive to where we need to be we have gotten lazy and our kids generation is going to be a lot worse if we don’t make school lunches healthier and more plentiful. The only downfall of school lunches today is that they don’t give you enough to eat or really a full plate they give you enough to feed a child but not a 15-18 teenager. When I get home since they don’t give us a lot to eat I usually get a snack when I get home or get to the store. For some kids the only hot meal they get is when they get home and we’re failing them by not giving them plenty to eat. No matter how healthy you make school lunches you can’t make someone eat healthy. It’s a life choice and own decision and they have to want to be a healthy adult. People know about diseases caused by eating…

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