Essay on Graduate Seminar Cgs 501 Is The First Prerequisite Class

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Graduate Seminar CGS-501 is the first prerequisite class in the MBA program at Baker College. The intention of the class is to prepare students for the online graduate program. After taking a break from college for ten years I was a bit nervous to get back at into the swing of things. This class was an excellent way to get up to speed on what is going on in the education world these days. The class does not waste any time getting down to business. There were expectations on you from day one.
In order to do well in this class and any future classes some lifestyle changes had to be made. On a normal night, prior to taking this class I would put the kids to bed and then it was time for me to unwind, usually by watching TV or reading a book. Now, as soon as the kids go to bed, out comes my laptop and I get to work. I have had to block out this time as “classroom” time for daddy. Once I got in the habit of dedicating this time for my coursework I really didn’t miss the TV or the other books I was reading. I found that if skimped on this time even a little bit I would start to slip. Really the number one thing is just to put the time in. If you can’t put the time in there really isn’t any reason to go forward with any other classes because you cannot succeed if you don’t dedicate the time needed for your classes. You will need to talk to your friends and family and make sure that they are on board and understand that you have commitments to your schooling that you must keep.…

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