Essay on Graduate School: Overcoming Barriers to Success

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Graduate School: Overcoming Barriers to Success
Kasey Kiesler
September 24, 2012
Professor Brenda Harton

Graduate School: Overcoming Barriers to Success
The decision to attend graduate school can be one of immense commitment and responsibility. Success requires rigorous planning and well-defined goals, both short-term and long-term. Exceptional communication skills are also necessary to interact effectively with fellow classmates and faculty. Although completion of a Master’s program opens doors to many professional career opportunities, it does not come without challenges. One also must have several strategies in place for dealing with these challenges when they arise.
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A resume with graduate degree credentials will give a prospective employee a competitive edge when pursing potential jobs. Employers may associate a graduate degree with an ambitious, dedicated, and hard-working individual (Britt, 2012). This goal can be accomplished by building a strong network, developing professional relationships, and acquiring new knowledge, experiences, and skills. Increased job security becomes evident when an individual acquires a reputable job and remains at this position for an extended period.
Challenges in Meeting Goals
Achieving goals, both personal and professional, does not come without challenges. Graduate school can be financially overwhelming. The immense time commitment and academic sophistication that accompany graduate school leaves minimal time for a full-time job. Likewise, tuition costs of obtaining a Master’s degree can cause significant financial difficulties (Tartakovsky, 2012). To combat some of these challenges, one can apply for financial aid, loans, grants, and scholarships. Preparing a balanced budget and keeping track of daily expenses are also ways to save money. Another excellent way to alleviate financial woes is to sacrifice unnecessary luxuries and focus only on what is needed.
Time management is another challenge that may result from pursing graduate school goals. Many students enrolled in a Master’s program have full-time jobs as well as managing family,

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