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“The results of a 2006 survey by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) revealed that 24.1% of responding nurses reported being verbally abused by a nurse colleague or a nurse manager”(Luparell, 2011, p. 92) nurses experience bullying, verbal abuse, negative body language, and many more from their colleagues, this kind of abuse is consider lateral Violence. Many nurses had experience this kind of treatment in different extend.
I have heard many stories about new graduated nurses being demeaned by experienced nurse and I experience and witness some level of lateral violence at my previous workplace. In detail, I would like to share what I experienced as a new graduate nurse, I may consider this as minor lateral violence but
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When my job change my status from LVN to RN per Diem, I remember this particular charge nurse will give me first admission every shift I work, and by mid of our shift charge nurses is going around the get updates/report regarding the patient in her unit from her team nurse, I observed that most of time when she asked for my patient report, after I give her report she gave me look that she not convince with what I’m reporting. And most of the time when I ask help from my fellow coworkers and she will find out about it, she make remarks such as “you been an LVN here for a while now, you should know that”, or “you know they’re busy with their patients, that task is doable for one nurse”. I’m asking for help not to have an easy shift, but to fulfill my duty in a safely manner but when she makes remarks like that, I feel that she implying something. I’m limiting myself to ask for help especially if she’s around. It may not have affected my patient care or patient safety but it place me to higher risk for injury or error. Because I want to have less hostile environment and to continue to provide care to my patient in the most safely manner I can possible do, I changed my scheduled to make sure I will not have the same shift as that particular charge nurse. My intervention with this situation is

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