Grading Rubric For The 12 Angry Men Movie Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… This is true not only of more abstract principles like beauty, but also very basic perceptual processes as well.
You may use any of these 4, or feel free to construct your own unifying idea. As we watch the movie, you can use the matrix on the next page in order to keep track of events and topics. Look over the items in the matrix (they all occur in the movie, along with others) before watching the movie, and reacquaint yourselves with the unfamiliar ones. Define each term before we begin watching the movie.

Grading Rubric for the
12 Angry Men Paper
Student: ____________________________________ Criteria for Grading | Maximum Points | Your Points | Description of psychological theme | 20 | | Relating movie to psychological phenomena | 20 | | Variety of psychological phenomena | 15 | | Cohesiveness of Paper | 10 | | Grammar/Punctuation/Presentation | 10 | | Matrix | 25 | |
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I know him. What they're like. What they do to you. How they kill you every day. My God, don't you see? How come I'm the only one who sees? Jeez, I can feel that knife going' in.” he was talking about his son and the fight they had two years ago but misinterpret it for the 18-year-old boy that is being convicted for killing his father. He doesn’t really know the kid; he just wants to see him take the chair. The movie showed a lot of prejudice, stereotype, group think, sociology, and racism. When your prejudice, racist and stereotype people because of their role in the society or gender. It prevents you from knowing them or in this case listening to the actual facts that is being stated or

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