Grades At School Vs Reality Essay

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Grades at School vs Reality Every school around the world is based on grading systems. The main purpose of grading is to examine if students adapt the knowledge which was taught in the class. Usually after a short period of time teachers test their students on the material learned during lectures. Whilst some students find acquiring good grades more easily, other may struggle with it. On the positive side regular assessment allows the detection of gaps in a student 's knowledge, and encourages and motivates them to study, moreover, it allows for the identification of the most talented students and rewards can be bestowed accordingly. Students themselves can see their achievements, become more active and gain confidence in their own strengths. On the negative side grades raise fear and can discourage learning, this fear can have a negative impact on the nervous system and lead to fraud and cheating. Today grades, especially in America, are the main information used by future employers. However, the importance of grades is more complex than one might think. While people think that grades are an indicator of intelligence some kids become demotivated by this fact, and they give up on giving their best efforts. As a result students are not interested in gaining the education and they study only to acquire a decent grade without understanding what they actually learned. Clearly the grading system in schools is important, however it also has drawbacks; In today’s pedagogy it is…

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