Grade School Vs. High School Essay

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I was never the outstanding reader of the class as a child but when you make it into a competition with a prize at the end who isn’t motivated to read? Grade school made reading fun and exciting and motivated you with competitions. When you move on to high school you see a giant decrease in that motivation as they pile the readings higher and restrict your reading choices to a slight list. As you progress to college there is absolutely no choice on readings and a very short time frame on when you have to complete the specified readings. This is a very drastic change of the course of reading over the years and ended with the decline of my love for reading.
My grade school always tried to make reading fun for its students. There were reading logs and at the end you could pick a prize from the treasure chest depending on how much you read. I remember there was always a week called “TV Turn Off Week” where you couldn’t watch TV for a full week and instead read a certain amount of hours. At the end, you would receive a ticket to Six Flags Great America. There were rules though; you were not allowed to read the same book twice, you had read an extended amount of hours, and you had to have your parent sign off to prove you did it. This was wonderful for me because it forced me to broaden my reading choices. I’m the kind of person that would have wanted to cheat the system and read my favorite book over and over again but my mom would not hear of it. Instead, I read things from the…

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