Grade Inflation And Its Effect On Students With Higher Academic Grades

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Grade Inflation What is grade inflation? Grade inflation is the tendency to award students with higher academic grades with work then what the students should had actually received, and because of it there has been discussion about grade inflation and what solutions would help educational institution get rid of it or try to lessen the problem. Many people does not realize the effects of grade inflation. So what are the effects of grade inflation? What solutions can help solve grade inflation in educational institutions? Why does teachers or instructors inflate grades? Some instructors inflate grades because they want avoid conflict. According to Rebecca Schuman she inflate grades because she is an adjunct. An adjunct instructor is someone who works part-time and is not equal to a full-time instructor, so they do not get the same benefits or salary as the full-time instructor. So instructors inflate grades to avoid complaints that most likely will get to the dean, which will led to the dean taking the students side and firing the instructor or wait till the instructor contract is over and to never be hired again. If that occur then they would not have any money to pay their bills, or eat, etc. So as Rebecca Schuman sees it if the instructor not popular than it going to be hard for them to get a job, but if they are popular then they have “job security”. “Job security” is where the instructor has a high chance of keeping their job and a small chance of losing it. According…

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