Essay on Grade Inflation And Academic Performance

1579 Words Dec 15th, 2015 null Page
Within universities and colleges all across America GPAs are at an all time high, grade averages are rising, and academic performance is at it 's peek; which we all possess the power to remedy. Few argue that this is a result of a smarter and more driven generation, but in all actuality it 's the direct result of grade inflation. Grade inflation is most commonly known as being awarded a higher grade for an assignment that would have received a lower grade in the past. Grade inflation is having a serious impact upon individuals that are stepping out of universities with their prestigious transcript only to find that they are not truly competent for that which their professors have told them they have "excelled" at. The issue of grade inflation has grown to a massive level, resulting in serious negative consequences for students, afflicting them both inside and outside of the classroom with the only chance of resolve stemming from the cooperation of students and teachers.
I know that looking back on my own educational experience that I have had minimal exposure to grade inflation. I was always raised to achieve the best grades that I could, therefore my grades would be reflective of the work that I actually put in towards school. Curves in school always confused me because they were never a true curve, which would cause students that would have originally failed a test to be left with a decent grade. Also, when studying and comparing my work to other students, I couldn 't…

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