Grade 8 Writing Assessment Test Essay

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English has always been my favorite subject, and I loved reading. But even though I was good at English I truly lacked having writing skills. My noteworthy literacy experience was when I passed the Grade 8 Writing Assessment test after failing it the first time. This experience gave me the fortitude to practice on my writing skills. When reading the different literacy narratives, I felt Nichols’s essay was relatable to my experience. My experience compares to Shannon Nichols literacy narrative because our experiences focus on our emotional reaction to a writing test that changed our perception of our literacy knowledge.
Before taking the Writing Assessment test my worst fear was writing. Picking up a pencil to write about anything was a horrifying thing to do. When the time came to take the writing test I was petrified because the test determines if students pass the 8th grade. The weird thing is I loved English and did well in that subject so to dislike writing was unorthodox since English class was nothing but reading and of course writing. My hate for writing grew even more when learning a writing test will succumb my fate for passing the 8th grade. Preparing for the writing assessment test stressed me out emotionally and mentally. Throughout middle school, I was always told that my writing could be better or I need to work on my grammar, but the critiques just made me dislike writing even more. Mentally, I truly was prepared to fail this test because I knew if I were to…

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