Grace Under Pressure In The Old Man And The Sea

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“Grace under pressure” was shown by Santiago in The Old Man and The Sea. An individual who possesses the quality does not crack under the pressure of a sticky situation, but their best qualities show. When faced with a hard situation, he or she may show great knowledge, leadership qualities, physical or mental endurance, or even calmness. For these reasons, Santiago has grace under pressure.

This example of a “Code Hero” characteristic, which was found on page 52, is my personal favorite. The simple sentence sums up how determined and unafraid Santiago really is. This part in the book proves he is a “Code Hero” because Santiago is facing death with a brave face. He is willing to win his battle with the fish at any cost. Santiago also demonstrates “grace under pressure” because he has remained strong, composed, and calm throughout
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As many people have said before, the eyes are truly the window to the soul. Santiago’s eyes show how nothing has ever defeated him. Throughout his life, the reader can tell that Santiago has experienced many hero-creating situations, such as the great arm wrestling competition. His unwillingness to be defeated is what makes Santiago a “Code Hero.” Although this example does not directly show how Santiago demonstrates “grace under pressure,” it can certainly be inferred. A person cannot go undefeated if they do not remain dignified, skilled, and calm throughout tough situations.

When Santiago said this on page 84, it showed his “Code Hero” qualities. A “Code Hero” is willing to work through any pain in order to prevail, and Santiago did just that. He was able to ignore all the cuts, cramps, and aches, which is something most people are not willing to do. Santiago also demonstrates “grace under pressure” in this scene, because instead of yelling, crying, or giving up due to his pain, he is making the best out of his

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