Grace Kelly: Screen Legend

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Grace Kelly, “screen legend”, “ fashion icon”, “one of the most beautiful women in the world”, and “fairytale princess”. Since her death in 1982 she still has her effect on the world today from her films and by the family she left here on Earth. She was born into a successful family in philadelphia, she was a very shy girl but she became an actor. At the age of 23 she went to hollywood and made 11 films in 3 ½ years. She modeled to pay for her acting but her film career only lasted 5 years. In 1956 she met Prince Rainier iii of Monaco, they got married right away on April 18, 1956. She gave up her acting career and became Princess Grace of Monaco. They had three children Caroline, Albert and Stephanie. Don Richardson, one of her directors …show more content…
A month before her first child was born, Grace started a yearly christmas party for all the children of Monaco. She was also the president of Red Cross, she also became president of “AMADE”, a group that helps undeveloped countries with education and medicine. She was a wonderful women and very helpful to the world and everyone in it. After the birth of her youngest child, it was heard that Grace kelly grew unhappy and homesick for the atmosphere of the United States. She moved to an apartment in Paris and join the board of directors of 20th century fox productions. Also traveled to the US …show more content…
`No matter her wealth, she never spoiled her children, Princess Grace became involved in charitable pursuits and public service organizations. She served as president of the Garden Club of Monaco, the Red Cross of Monaco, the organizing committee of the International Arts Foundation. Her fondest benevolent association was The Princess Grace Foundation, established to foster involvement among young people in the creative arts, especially to provide scholarships for eligible young students. The princess grace foundation, founded in 1964 by Princess Grace.the Foundation contributes help to humanitarian projects which benefit children and also helps students through cultural parts in there life. “The freedom of the press works in such a way that there is not much freedom from it.” Grace Kelly
Her death was an impact on the whole world, everyone around the whole word watched her funeral and was sad to about her death, she is still remembered today. She showed us that you can live your dreams and be great if you try and show people what you can do, and you will do great. She helped tons of people around the

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