Government Should Spend Health Care Cost Essay example

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race and gender, and what is the appropriate and correct was government should spend health care cost? This question is imperative as it relates to the African American and cochlear implants. The fact that cochlear implants are disproportionately utilized for minorities and deaf community should be a huge concern. Is cochlear implants going to go down in history as the hearing device that is utilized mostly by whites in America, or should healthcare officials be troubled by the skewed numbers of devices used based on race?
Collaborative advantage implies that as individuals, societies and nations, we create opportunities to combine our efforts for better living, not of one race, class or country but of the whole nation. It means we cannot wait for an individual to reach maturity to develop that kind of understanding. It must start at grass roots level. The ideas of co-operation, trust, collaboration, peaceful understanding, respect, love and non-violence must be instilled in children from an early age. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to change the mindset of those who have been accustomed to a culture where those practices are not valued.
The whole transition of collaboration correlates with social development because both processes are needed to help produce common learning and understanding. Some of these concepts rely on the solutions to society’s challenges. They suggest a mode of operation that is different from the authoritarian, expert-driven, single cause and…

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