Government Should Not Carry Out Retribution For Criminal Activity

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The extent that the government should be allowed to carry out retribution for criminal activity is a highly debated topic. It is hard to remember any political campaign where one’s views on capital punishment was not an important stance, if not among the top controversial issues debated. Many people in the history of the U.S. have had to grapple with this question with the Supreme Court being the final legal judge for this decision when it comes to how the law and constitution are to be interpreted. For many, there are strong personal emotions tied into the topic, whether personally rooted in an experience or set in idealistic concepts of how justice is believed to be best served. For those who have been the victim of violent crime, or perhaps have lost a loved one to murder, it is understandable that the circumstances they have experienced may cause them to cry for justice or vengeance on the guilty party. Alternatively, there is a strong case for rehabilitation and redemption in some situations. Those who have personally been given a second chance after making a horrible mistake, whether they ever were imprisoned or not, may feel strongly about the greater need for mercy and looking at alternate options. There must be a balance between justice and mercy, but where should that line be drawn? Is capital punishment good for the health of society? Does it provide a necessary, albeit unpleasant, avenue for handling the worst offenders? This literal matter of life and death…

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