Government Restrictions, Work, And Social Acceptance And Norms

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The quote “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains” (Rousseau) doesn’t hold the same meaning it did when Rousseau originally wrote it, but it can still be applied to many facet’s in today’s life. Rousseau’s quote can be applied to many areas in our everyday lives, such as government restrictions, work, and social acceptance and norms. Every day in many aspects we face restrictions that stop us from doing something we may desire to do, but cannot because of regulations against it. Every restriction we face or anytime we our limited in any capacity, we are held in chains, stopping us from doing what we may truly desire to do, hinders our growth and knowledge of new experiences that cannot be had because of some restriction forbidding such actions. The motto of our government is freedom for all, but this is not completely true. While we have more freedoms than most foreign countries, we are still limited by government laws and taxes. Laws, restrict citizens from preforming certain actions, and if they fail to abide by specific laws like speeding, there are consequences for their actions. If a person chooses to speed, they take the risk of a ticket into their hands, but the government chains our attitudes to condition us against excessive speeding because we don’t want to face the consequences of a ticket or possibly losing our license. Even though laws restrict and chain our actions, most are needed to maintain a civilized society. Even with laws chaining us our…

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