Essay about Government Propaganda During World War II

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Who can do it? Women can! The millions of women working for the war effort led America to victory against the Axis Powers. Rosie the Riveter, as their mascot, symbolized women 's efforts and started a movement for women 's rights across the country. "Rosie the Riveter" was a character created to inspire American women to stand up and join the workforce. Riveting was usually seen as a man 's job because it requires the worker to hold a heavy riveting gun that shoots out metal bolts. Consequently, the recoil is very rough, and the riveter needs to be strong to absorb the force. Government propaganda during World War II was responsible for much of the change in society 's acceptance of women in the workplace. Posters, radio programs, magazine articles, and advertisements showed women in overalls with greasy hands during these years for the first time. Through these media, the Office of War Information and other agencies urged women to come out of their kitchens and move into the factories. They also communicated the need for women as nurses and as careful consumers (Hartmann).Women were often thought of as weak and incapable, so the women who were working, " the shipyards, lumber mills, steel mills, foundries...welders, electricians, mechanics, boilermakers, streetcar, bus, crane, and tractor operators (Newsweek 1943)" had to prove themselves. As the World War II began, men left their factory jobs to fight, leaving women to take over.
America 's involvement in WWII…

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