Government Intervention And Its Effect On Human Rights Essays

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After many tragic natural disasters in Haiti, the country was left weakened and vulnerable. With the help of other outside governments, Haiti received well deserved help, but not enough to fully mend it. For years, governments worldwide have interfered in other governments in need of assistance. Countries have helped strengthen and rebuild governments, which creates a sense of peace between them. Government intervention is controversial because some say that it should be strictly limited as it tends to cause an inefficient distribution of resources. Though intervening can be beneficial to governments, some people believe that governments should focus on themselves before helping out others. Countries must ensure that their government is doing well before helping others. U.S. intervention in Haiti will generate an efficient economy, improve human rights, and help impose democratic values.

U.S. intervention will help build Haiti 's dwindling economy, which will help their population prosper and liberate them from their poor state. After Haiti 's tragic earthquake, “...the United States government has provided 1.2 billion in aid to Haiti. In 2010...more than 100 countries pledged 5 billion in short term aid… and 10 billion towards long term reconstruction” (Adelman). With U.S. intervention, Haiti was able to provide their people with resources that were lost in the countless natural disasters. Other countries helped Haiti by contributing to their economy that was slowly…

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