Government Funded Space Programs : The United States Space Program

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Government Funded Space Programs In the 20th century the U.S. Space program (NASA) helped the American Public obtain a new sense of adventure by looking into space as a new frontier (Space Exploration, par 2). After the launch of the world’s first satellite Sputnik in the 1950s the public became vastly interested in Space and the world’s two major powerhouses -the U.S. and the U.S.S.R- started a race into Space which led to things such as the moon landings and the construction of orbiting space stations. Now that the space race of the 20th century has seemed to end and the public has seemed to stop going crazy about space, it is now time for government spending on space programs to increase worldwide allowing for bigger and better space programs that could once more captivate the public eye and reopen space the final frontier and let modern day adventures to shot for the stars once more. Space programs can lead to major scientific discoveries that may advance the Human Race on a technological scale as they did years ago and continue to even as this paper is being typed. Not only does space provide scientific opportunity for humanity it also is full of a plethora of economic opportunities that countries could take advantage of allowing them to make money from their investments in space programs.
Space Programs are a vital part of a well developed nation and deserve to receive a steady flow of funding from the government of the nation that the program is run by. All major…

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