Government From The Federal Government Essays

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In this country we have different types of government starting from the president of the United States down to the local councilman in your village thats on the local broad. Each area of government share similar structure with the way they build their structure of government. Each type of government share different characteristic that make up the power they have and they are different compared to the other levels of government. There are different characteristics when it comes to the different levels of government from the federal government to the city of Utica. The federal government like all branches consist of 3 branches the executive, the legislative, and the Judicial branch. The executive branch consist of just person, who is the President of the United States. This man consists of a lot of power. This is the area in the government that does not have someone looking over their shoulder when making decisions. The president has a lot of power. because he the head of many roles and makes most of the executive decisions. The legislative branch consists of two groups, the senate and the house of representatives. The House has 337 people depending how many people live each state. The senate has two people in each state. So the house has 437 people that represent all 50 states. They make decisions on passing bills, and House is solely responsible for making the budget for the government every year. The United States Supreme Court is made up 9 judges and they look at…

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