Government Digital Transformation Strategy : High Level Themes

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government Digital Transformation Strategy
High-level themes

Redefining the relationship between the citizen and the state

Trust between citizen and state is essential for civic engagement and for the effective delivery of public services. government needs to work to build trust in the political process, in the civil service, and the services it will deliver. Digital gives government the tools it needs to do this, and this will be central pillar of this digital strategy.

Citizens are our users, and we want to build services that put users first. In some cases, this will entail end-to-end redesign. We need to ensure citizens find it a positive and simple experience to interact with government digitally. To support this, departments will need operate in a modern and efficient way, breaking away from non-agile methods of working.

The government needs to commit to a national conversation on data and identity. This could potentially take the form of a green paper.

To get all of these things right, we need to make sure that civil servants have the skills and tools for delivering the services that citizens need.

Ambition / vision: why we are continuing the digital transformation strategy

Technology is changing rapidly, triggering a ripple effect of changes through our society and economy. Modern government needs to capitalise on new technology; on the new ways we have of finding meaning and use for data. This will help us deliver;

the right outcomes for…

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