Essay on Government Control And The Loss Of Freedom

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In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury strongly criticizes government control and the loss of freedom in a totalitarian government. Every citizen is a thoughtless drone in the community with no sense of creativity or individuality. Bradbury expresses total domination through different types of censorship; the act of burning books, the role of firemen, and outcasts such as Clarisse. As a result, a dystopian society is formed and the citizens have no independence of their lives.
The first way Bradbury criticizes total government control and the loss of freedom is the cruelest type of censorship, the destruction of burning books. In society, citizens were not allowed to be in possession of any books. In the first amendment, it states that all citizens have the freedom of speech. However, in the society Bradbury creates, the citizens are imbeciles and could not think for themselves and thus, had no freedom of speech. Since books give humans the knowledge to think and read, without the books, the citizens are useless. However, the government does not force the citizens to stop reading, books gradually died out because people took no interest in them. The government then enforces a law to officially ban all books. “It’s not the books you need, it’s some of the things that once were books” (Bradbury 84). Faber is telling Montag that books have no importance at all, it is all the words and knowledge inside the books that are really meaningful. Furthermore, Bradbury shows how the men at…

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