Government Compensation For Organ Donation Essay

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Government Compensation for Organ Donation From an early age I knew that I would be an organ donor, and when I turned sixteen I began participating in blood drives. Donating blood became a habit, something that my husband and I continue to do together. For it would be quite selfish of me to deny someone, even a complete stranger the gift of life when I am fully capable of giving it. However, the sad reality is that many Americans choose not to participate in organ donation of any kind. Organs from cadavers often discarded if the family fails to make arrangements for them to be donated prior to the deceased being removed from life support. These types of situations significantly influence the fact that many Americans are dying every single day from not receiving an organ transplant. So exactly how should Americans address the shortage of organ donations? The answer is quite simple: by compensating those who are willing to put the value of human life above all else. Allowing compensation for organ donation will provide Americans with a stronger sense of protection, a clear expectation of moral behavior, and a stronger sense of American patriotism. Compensation for organ donation is essential if one wishes to increase the number of donors and significantly decrease the amount of Americans on the waitlist for an organ transplant procedure.
With the fate of its citizens in its hands why has the American government failed to confront transplant tourism? The government prides…

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