Government And The Government Of The United States Essay

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Understanding today’s federal government of the United States can be quite difficult. The bottom line is simply that the United States federal government is too large. While there are many of theories that can support this assertion, if we look at the favorable view of the federal government by the people of the United States, many in fact are unfavorable of such a large government. Many of the people of the United States are not in favor of a large government and often times believe that too much government involvement creates additional issues for our country. I will propose some of the many theories that support the argument that the government is to large, in addition to explaining how the United States Constitution and peoples interpretation and perspective also play a role in determining why and how the government is too large. In contrast, there are many arguments that can be made that large government is needed in order to assure the country is able to be maintained and run efficiently, however, through the listed examples to come throughout this paper, the bottom line of the United States federal government being too large will be abundantly clear.
Theories & Ideologies for less Government
From Europe to China, nations in between and beyond, great philosophers have challenged and invoked many theories and ideologies that apply directly to economics and government. Aristotle once stated “[T]he best political community is formed by citizens of the

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