Government And Separation Of Powers Essay examples

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Responsible government and separation of powers are the two most widespread forms of democracy in the modern world. Responsible government was born in England and is now a regime that we have in Canada. First, it emerged to give more independence to the colonies, but later became fully independent from the Crown, except Crown 's formal duties. USA, on another hand is build on principle of separation of powers, to ensure freedom from England, tyranny or any kind of usurpation of power. In this paper I will argue that separation of powers is more democratic than responsible government, because in separation of powers model citizens have more influence on their government through electing most of the officials and it is easier to maintain democratic regime, while in representative government model strong party discipline and fusion of powers in the Cabinet may be a clear threat to democracy. Defining democracy is a key to understand which of the models listed above are more democratic. I will use the definition from the Course Kit pg.174 : “In its pure form, democracy grants political power to all citizens equally (excluding children) because democrats believe that no one has any special title to rule.” From this definition every citizen have a right to exercise political power. However, modern states became much bigger than the ancient states, where democracy was first invented and put in to test. That is why modern democrats adopted a form of indirect democracy,…

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