Gothic Literature In 'Dracula' By Bram Stroker

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Gothic Literature
Gothic literature originated in early Europe with the rise of novels such as “Frankenstein” and “Dracula”. Gothic Literature is the best example of how the common people were retreating from their heavy religious beliefs, into more scientific beliefs. This type of literature sparked a whole new way to think about and write stories. Gothic literature is one of many different types of literature. “Gothic novels allowed writers and readers to explore these ideas through the medium of storytelling. Ghosts, death and decay, madness, curses, and so-called 'things that go bump in the night ' provided ways to explore fear of the unknown and what control we have as humans over the unknown”(Marinaro). Before Gothic literature there
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This novel is only composed of letters, journal and diary entries, telegrams, and newspaper clippings. This novel is about man who get turned into a vampire, then the only way that he can continue to live is to kill others. The theme of this story is that greed brings out a new, bad side to a person. This is because when Count Dracula realized that he had to kill those people to survive he was greedy and done something he usually didn’t and took many other lives just so he could continue his which is the dark side of him. The gothic elements in “Dracula” was that the atmosphere was full of mystery and suspense, the setting is in a castle, and there is a generous amount of supernatural symbols throughout the entire story. All of these elements are huge main keys to the creation of a gothic novel, and are the elements that makes the story more interesting to the reader to pull them into the book. Stroker was influenced by a man by the name Sir Henry Irving to write “Dracula while at Lyceum theatre from 1878-1898. Also Stroker was a big inspiration to Sir Irving in his journey to writing novels(Stroker Estate). “Dracula” was one of the greatest novels during its time and is still a huge story in today’s time. I think that Dracula really shows how a person can become when greed starts to take them over. This is because when Dracula kills all those innocent people by sucking out their blood he was doing just for his life. He was taking away multiple lives that were equal lives to his. A good theme for Dracula would be light vs. dark, because the light would be pure characters like Lucy or the peasants in Romania, then the dark side would be Dracula because he killed them by sucking the blood out of them for his own

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