Gothic Elements In Jonathan Harker's Dracula Written By Bram Stoker

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The book Dracula written by Bram Stoker is about Jonathan Harker, a man who travels to Transylvania to come up with a deal with Count Dracula, who lives in a castle. The Count sees a picture of Jonathan 's soon to be wife Mina, and he tells Jonathan to tell her he will be at the castle longer than expected only to be trapped by Dracula. While Jonathan is trapped in the castle Dracula travels to meet Mina, who falls in love with because of her similarity to his late wife. While Dracula is visiting Mina Jonathan is nearly killed by three vampires living in the Castle.
Dracula goes to London to win over Mina and as time goes on he continues to seduce her. However, he is met with many challenges like Jonathan, who at this point has escaped, and Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, who knows Dracula is a vampire and knows exactly how to defeat him. With the help of the group formed with
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The gothic tones in this book give a sense of mystery, suspense and gloom, which is demonstrated in a variety ways throughout the book. One example being when Jonathan is exploring the castle and mysteriously all of the doors are locked. This creates the sense of a gothic setting by use of suspense and also fear of what is unknown.
In addition to the suspense and unknown feeling created by the locked doors another major contributor to the gothic setting the use of castle.This is very similar to other gothic worlds as castles, tombs, and other ambient environments are common features in the gothic genre and are used to create the gothic mood of this book. This is most likely due to the fact an isolated castles located in the mountains hold a feeling of untold stories and deaths, thus allowing the author to build up a haunting and ghostly atmosphere that is so common in this

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