Gothic Elements Galore: The Raven

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Gothic Elements Galore: “The Raven” Combination of the supernatural, overwrought emotion, and mystery or suspense, the perfect equation to a gothic piece of literature. In the poem, “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe, a mysterious raven who rarely speaks tends to a mourning man grieving the death of his love, Lenore. The poem is filled with themes such as undying devotion, while the author uses rhyming, alliteration, and rhyming to emphasize the gloomy or dark mood. This poem takes place during a cold and bleak night, involves a raven who talks, and includes death and grief, all of which are gothic elements. In the poem, “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe, an atmosphere of misery and suspense, as well as supernatural or otherwise inexplicable events which all help to given the poem a sense of gothic literature.
Right off the bat, Poe sets the tone of this poem by including details of a, “midnight dreary” and a, “bleak December” (The Raven). By Poe starting off the poem with these seemingly minor details, the reader immediately gains a sense of suspense or the knack for knowing something might happen to the man who cannot seem to fall asleep due to something unknown. Suddenly, “there came a tapping….. Rapping at [the
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The themes of this poem include undying devotion and that grief is always there and cannot be diminished. Edgar Allan Poe is trying to tell his readers that loneliness is something serious and while grieving with something, loneliness only makes things worse. Never let people around you or society make you feel that you should be alone because relationships are far more important than one expects. Bottom line, the man was grieving over his lost love, Lenore, and isolated himself and only became worse, so when you’re lugubrious, be around friends and do not isolate

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