Essay about Got Ta Change The Gaming World

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Gotta Change the Gaming World Pokémon Go is a cellular game that uses real life places to engage players. It uses a GPS feature which makes the user walk to find the rarest of Pokémon. However, it’s not the features that make this game so popular. Most people born in the 21st century probably watched this anime film at least once in their life. Eight out of ten people that I have asked said that they have been addicted to Pokémon growing up as a kid. I even grew up watching this show. Pokémon Go is beneficial to society because it allows players to engage in exercise, communicate with fellow trainers, and it is an advancement in technology. I believe that Pokémon Go can change the gaming world and have a positive effect on society because the game endorses people to exercise. It is not like any other game where people sit in a chair for hours just sitting and staring at a screen all day. There is a mode in Pokémon Go where trainers can hatch Pokémon eggs. In order to hatch these eggs, trainers would either have to walk two kilometers, five kilometers, and ten kilometers. If trainers walk ten kilometers you have a better chance of getting a rare Pokémon. I think this is really cool because trainers will most likely end up finding new places near you. There is also another feature in this game where you can earn supplies by walking to poke stops. There are billions of poke stops around the world. The cool thing about poke stops is that players can drop lures to catch…

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