Gossip And Its Effect On The Workplace Essay example

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A lot of gossip tend to take place in the workplace. You might assume now that you’re older that we are able to experience a more mature, professional workforce. Maybe even be able to leave behind the free flowing gossip and petty arguments way back in high school. But believe it or not, Offices can be just as drama-filled as your High School! Often times, you can find yourself the subject of a co-worker who will try to make you choose a side in an argument, they may even talk behind your back, or help make someone else look good. Most gossip comes from fear, anger, jealousy or just wanting to be cool. Yes, gossip is tempting, we hear things about people all the time. Gossiping is the chicken’s way of expressing anger, and it’s also a sign they really don’t have enough going on in their own lives. To be able to put someone else down in order to make yourself feel better than them is a giant red flag for insecurity! In the article, “Does Your Workplace Contain Too Much Drama?” Author Linda Arnold, she states that, “The perpetrator wants agreement and validation from others but the problem, then, falls on the listener. You always have a choice. The gossiper is likely, in time, to feel badly about themselves, gossip only offers temporary gratification. It’s not long before the gossiper begins to feel the negative effects on their self-esteem — which may call for the cycle of gossip to repeat in order for that adrenaline rush to continue.” Some people love drama so much they…

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