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The Gospel of Mark contains Jesus’ teachings that equips Christians of today with insight into the hidden nature of the Kingdom of God that can greatly inspire and influence them into taking the steps necessary to secure a future in the Kingdom of God. A popular quote from the parable (although not in the Gospel of Mark) of the wedding “ Many are called, few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14 (NAB)), certainly applies to the Kingdom of God and is still very relevant to Christians of today. In fact, everyone is sent an invitation to take initiative to secure a future in the Kingdom of God seeing that God provides every single person with complete free will and as such everyone is capable to choose the path they desire to follow. However not many people …show more content…
Additionally, the Kingdom of God could be defined by the word basileia, which is a “realm over which a sovereign exercised his authority; and it may be the people who belong to the realm over which a sovereign exercises his authority.” The whole idea of the Kingdom of God is based on the life, which one would live after life as a human. Although it is debatable whether the Kingdom of God is literal or figurative or whether it is here on earth or the after life, it is the place that Jesus believed that every human should actively seek. It is the place without disease, worry, death or anything unpleasant that one experiences during life as a human. Jesus predicted the apocalypse, that is the ending of the world in Mark 1:15 when he said, “ the Kingdom of God is at hand.” In spite of that, the kingdom of God represents the idea of apocalyptic reversal seeing that while the world is ending; a new one is starting for those who are able to enter the kingdom of God, a world that never …show more content…
They should pay special attention to the parables especially since they provide such essential knowledge for anyone seeking the Kingdom. The parable of the sower Mark 4:3-9, provides an accurate account of Christians today and their position with God’s word and the Kingdom of God. The ‘way side’ Christians or rather the heathen people know that God’s word is there but because of Satan’s influence they willingly choose to ignore it. The ‘stony grounded’ Christians are those who immensely pretentious and superficial when it comes to having faith in God and seeking the Kingdom. They live by the word mostly to show other people that they do but when difficulty arises they quickly loose faith and forget all about how much faith they had before. Then they are the ‘torns’, Christians. These individuals are so caught up in the world that they have no room for God’s message, much less seeking God’s kingdom. The riches, attention and luxuries of this world keep them satisfied. Finally there are the ‘good ground’ Christians, who are actively and genuinely taking God’s word into consideration and seeking the Kingdom of God. When Christians of today are seeking the Kingdom of God especially by reading the Gospel of Mark, Jesus was very specific about what they should do. He never said that the information was easy to decipher but instead that the information was

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