Gospel Of Luke 19: 1-51 Essay

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Study on the Gospel of Luke
“Luke 19:1-10”

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A Study on Luke 19:1-10
Zacchaeus - “The Tax Collector”
The passage for today’s thought is from Luke 19: 1 to 10

Background – Gospel of Luke
The Gospel of Luke is one of four Gospels in the Holy Bible and is the third book presented in the New Testament. The author of this Gospel, Luke, was an associate of the Apostle Paul and also the author of the book of Acts. Acts is the first book to follow the four Gospels in the Bible. Luke's Gospel focuses on Christ's teachings about salvation and Christ's fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies regarding the coming Messiah. Luke represents Christ as the “Son of Man”. Gospel of Luke mainly focuses on Jesus Teachings and miracle of Jesus Christ, 19th chapter focuses on Jesus teaching
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The key verses of the gospel Luke states that the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost. If we look at Luke chapter 15, the three parables illustrates the purpose of his early mission and to reveal Gods desire to save the lost from time and eternity, there are couple of parables which clearly mentions the same, we can see that in Luke 15:3-7, Ezekiel 34:16 (I will search for the

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