Gosh from Appex Essay

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MEM 6970 Engineering Management Problems
Assignment 2
Ileana Rodriguez
January 27, 2013
“Appex Corp.”
1. What were the challenges that Appex CEO Shikhar Ghosh faced when he joined Appex? Why were “structure and control” deemed necessary? Following were the challenges which Ghosh faced when he joined Appex: * The organization was initially small and the decision-making was centralized among the key executives. All other employees were only involved in developing and selling products. * People had expertise in definite sectors but everybody did nothing. * There was no functional structure, roles were not defined and there was no job description * As the market was growing, more projects poured in and people worked
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Problems Addressed:
1. Now the persons with functional skills could focus on the product development and the managerial role was handle by hired experts
Problems Created or persistent:
1. The hired external managers didn’t know about the product as well as the existing team
2. It was difficult for new managers to gain respect of the teams
3.Ghosh found it very difficult to measure the managerial competence
c) Stage 3: Product Teams – Based on the suggestion of Paul Gudonis, Senior Vice-President of
Sales and Marketing, Ghosh set up separate product teams for each of Appex’s main products
Importance: The structure was made more products centric with product team managers assigned with the role of writing business plans for the products and integrating the functions.
Problems Addressed:
1. The product teams co-existed with functional teams and there was no need of having the knowledge of each other’s responsibilities.
2. Functional teams were informed about the product happenings on a daily basis.
3. Business and operational plans were put in place for multitude of projects and product managers could handle extended managerial activities which went out of capabilities of

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