Gore Vidal Drugs

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In his article entitled Drugs: Case for Legalizing Marijuana in the New York Times on September 26, 1970, Gore Vidal made several good points. He equated the war on drugs with the time of the prohibition. Making alcohol illegal resulted in thousands of deaths due to bad alcohol. The same thing seems to be happening today with the war on drugs. Those who use drugs for recreation or those who become addicted never really know for sure what they are taking into their system. Whether it will ultimately kill them due to an ingredient in the mix or cause them to become so addicted they end up overdosing. Once alcohol was legalized it became regulated to the point that the ingredients were listed on the bottles along with the alcohol content so people …show more content…
For instance, the last year I lived in MI I had to drive a taxi as there were no other jobs. 2 weeks after starting this job I had a customer that wanted a “round trip”. Now when I started working there I was informed on what a “round trip” was, it was a customer wanting to go into Detroit to get their drugs. When I dropped this person off a large gray car pulled up in front of me on an angle blocking me in, and the driver got out yelling at my customer. He was yelling “if I don’t get my money I’m going to shoot her up” meaning me as his taxi driver. Well…my customer in the mean time got back into the taxi and I drove up over the curb and onto the sidewalk to get out of there the whole time my passenger is apologizing for getting me in the middle of this. Needless to say, I went home early that day after going to the police in the city where I picked up this customer and having them tell me there was nothing they could do because it didn’t happen in their city. I did have another run about a week later to drop another customer off at home on that very same street and the dealer was on a porch in the neighborhood and as soon as he saw my cab he started yelling. I got out of there as fast as I could and made sure they never sent me back to that same area again. If drugs were legal and sold in regular stores that most likely would have never

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