Gordon Functional Health Patterns And The Application Of The Nursing Process

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Gordon functional health patterns was a tool developed in 1987, which allows the assessment of the health needs and function of families with the application of the nursing process” (Edelman & Mandle, 2010). The participants were the Parkes family which consists of a mother, father and three boys ages ten, four and two years of age. Mrs. Parkes teaches at an elementary school and Mr. Parkes teaches at a high school. In addition to his teaching job. He also, operates a small business in his community. Mrs. Parkes is the only one in her family who has a medical condition. Mr. Parkes provided most of the information for the interview. The responses were based on their views in each area, the importance of it relating to health maintenance and their thoughts on how it can impact the family if there is a problem.
Values and Health Perception
They believe that everyone has to have values, which is important for having a sense of direction in life. As a result, they are passing on these beliefs to their sons. The impact of values on their health are centered around their faith. They are a Christian family and believe that their bodies are a temple for God. They consider certain lifestyle practices such as smoking and drinking a form of desecration to the temple. Also, they think lacking values contribute to low self-esteem and weak family bonds.
His views on health perception, is being free from illness. However, Mrs. Parkes considers health as keeping her diabetes and hypertension…

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