Google's Management Skills And Management Structure Of Google

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Register to read the introduction… Rather than being in a bureaucratic organization, Google tries to keep a system within their management structure called the “70-20-10” rule. This rule states that 70 percent of time should be dedicated to core business tasks (advertising and search), 20 percent of time should be dedicated to projects related to the core business (news, desktops, Gmail), and 10 percent of time should be dedicated to projects unrelated to the core business (Orkut, Keyhole, Picasa). Google emphasizes on having their employees be their own leaders, evaluate themselves and propose better ways to do their jobs. Google’s organizational structure allows the company to have transparency because employees are able to take part in the leadership process. Google is very open when it comes to their employees and seeing them as a stake in their company in turn having a sense of power within the company. Additionally, they have some responsibility over the decisions and outcomes Google chooses to put …show more content…
Google has a distinct way of being fair with applicants because to them there is no right or wrong answer, but there is the process which only involves getting the right solution. Being creative when solving a problem is an important skill that Google tries to find within their pool of applicants. Usually every few interviewers, within the process assess the applicant and make sure everyone’s opinion counts so that the hiring process is being fair, while maintaining high expectations as the company grows. Furthermore, when the interviewers are done evaluating the applicant(s) they all see whether these potential candidates have the required capabilities and availability of highly qualified people. The interviewers who act as the committee look at every piece of feedback as well as the work experience and resume. If there is an agreement on the applicants they choose to pick as qualified they will be moved on to the next part of the process. The next part of the process involves the applicant being reviewed by senior management, if they view that applicant favorably then it will be brought upon the compensation committee and they usually give the go or no go decision. In addition, they decide how much the applicant will receive as a starting salary and compare that salary to the amount other companies would give that applicant for qualifications, basically they want to make sure they are being fair as far as compensation goes. In time, an executive from Google will review that applicant, having an executive look at an applicant shows that Google is very serious when it comes to hiring skillful people. Last but not least, a recruiter will notify the applicant and explain the offers they are giving them in terms of salary, benefits, etc. (Page,

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