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Module 7

John Smith
Aug 06, 2011

Essay Questions:

Google Case Study
1. Do you think Google will be able to maintain its entrepreneurial culture in spite of its recent growth and increased size? Why or why not? It appears that Google will maintain its entrepreneurial spirit at least for the foreseeable future. Google now employs over 28,000 people around the globe and as of February this year, maintained a market share of 65.6% in the search engine industry (Kell, 2011). On top of this their additional product lines are impacting the market on global scale such as Gmail and Google Maps, making Google a major player in the technology sector. However, even with all explosive growth, Google recently
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2. In your opinion, what were the key factors in determining the success of Google’s entrepreneurial founders? There were a number of key factors in determining the success of the Google’s founders.

Timing – Google was founded in the late nineties right as the Internet was becoming commonplace. This time period was like the gold rush days of the 1800’s, leading up to the dot com boom.

PageRank algorithm – Google was the first company to utilize page rank algorithms, instead of the status quo keyword search algorithms. The key word search made it easy for advertisers to game the system by including a particular key word many times a website. This practice increased the frequency of spam and was not very useful to users. Google’s page rank algorithm was revolutionary by favoring websites linked with other pages. The higher the linked page was rated the more valuable the link.

Simplicity – one key aspect of Google’s appeal was and still is the simplicity of the interface. Whereas other companies focused on combining many different sources of information on the same web page as a search function, Google focused on maintaining a simple and dedicated search function interface. This holds appeal for many users it is the reason many home pages are set to

Scalability – Google’s model did not require a huge

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