Google 's View Of A Utopian Perspective Essay

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“Utopian tales are devised to stimulate hope in future possibilities as well as actions to devise a self-fulfilling prophecy. In contrast, anti-utopian (Dystopian) tales are devised to devise to stimulate anger at horrible possibilities and actions to avoid disaster” (Kling 42). I firmly believe that Google’s corporate philosophy represents a Utopian perspective. There are tons of examples in Googles “Ten things we know to be true” which serves as Google’s corporate philosophy and vision. Dystopian views are much more negative and focus on the negatives and in this instance of technological utopianism, google still manages to stay in the utopian section rather than dystopian views. Google uses its technology to support and enhance humanities view of a Utopian future for the world.

In Kling’s article his definition of utopian perspective clearly lines up with Google’s corporate philosophy. The definition of utopian perspective defined by Kling is “Technological utopianism… refers to analyses in which use of specific technologies play a key role in shaping utopian social vision, in which their use easily makes life enchanting and liberating for nearly everyone” (Kling 42). Google’s “ten things we know to be true” touches on several different technologies and how they are benefiting the future as well as the user. For example: “Our dedication to improving search helps us apply what we’ve learned to new products, like Gmail and Google Maps. Our hope is to bring the power of…

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