Google 's Market Segmentation Schemes Essay

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Google has used different market segmentation schemes over time and provide businesses with software to help them segment a market. Google has a wide variety of users located worldwide. The range of Google products are available to users in more than 110 languages and continuously increasing (Slideshare, 2010). It is very difficult however to pinpoint the true demographics. Google is available virtually everywhere with an array of diverse product line and user base. Nonetheless, research has found that many of its users in the United States are under 34; 55% of users are male (“Search Engine…”); majority of are upper-middle class income structure; users are generally of higher education and technologically adept; a significant number of users are married and with a family and most are business minded professionals (Slideshare, 2010). In regards to the psychographic and behavior dimensions, research concluded that Google was used more by richer, better-educated middle-class American that can be broken down into categories such as affluent suburbia, upscale America, small-contentment, and varying lifestyles (Slideshare, 2010). “These people, who tend to be intelligent and educated, needed information organization and easy access to information from any internet capable device at any time, and quickly” (Slideshare, 2010). Google also provide businesses with a software tool known as Google Analytics. “Google Analytics collect characteristics of visitors that are such as…

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