Google 's A Company Mission Essay

1064 Words Nov 22nd, 2015 null Page
One of the most important pillars that Google’s foundation was formed around is the company mission, which focuses on the strong connection Google has with its users. Google’s goal is to organize the information, and deliver the most useful information for every user for free. By improving the ways people connect with information Google increases their brand equity. Google relies heavily on their users and their word of mouth in spreading information about their quality products and services instead of investing in traditional marketing. Word of mouth creates trust among the users because they are more likely to trust someone who has used the product or service, instead of someone that is simply selling the product or service. It also lowers Google’s marketing costs significantly, builds brand equity, and creates long-term value.
Google’s philosophy is focused around frequent growth and constant innovation. This is achieved by the flexibility that Google offers to its employees, and the management structure Google uses. Google has always carried themselves as a company that encourages their employees to share ideas, poll peers, recruit volunteers, and build natural communities for change. The company inspires their employees to give feedback to their peers via internal websites. This way the co-workers are judging, and supporting new, creative ideas before they go to top management. Being an innovator, Google rolls out new products regularly. New products are tested in…

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