Google Technological Innovation Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… This can protect the creativity that keeps their company going. Intellectual Property (IP) has been a mainstay at Google because of their ability to deliver some of the newest and best products in the technology industry. Because of this, innovation has become a priority at the patent office and established companies need to maintain and build upon their current IP portfolios to remain contenders in the race for innovation.

Google’s core competency is their ability to acquire the value from massively scaled, complex human activity (i.e. numerous amounts of advertisers bidding on key word experimenting and millions of websites lining to each other). Another critical element of Google’s core competency is their search engine that could be considered a “natural feedback loop” of a search results page.

Google is a company that was built on some of the world’s best innovation and creativity and because of this they have a loyal customer base. If they take the right steps into this new market, they will be at the top of the technology game.


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