Essay about Google Strategic Audit

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Executive Summary:
Beginning in the 1990’s, the world has witnessed a tremendous growth in the World Wide Web. This boom has resulted in an unstoppable technological revolution that continuous to change our lives. The 20th century has blossomed with the rapid expansion of the Internet. Yet, this expansion has brought with it both, opportunities and challenges; particularly, in the “dot- com” industry. As a result, companies of all kinds employed the Internet as a tool to expand their business reach. For others, the Internet was a new “gold mine” that gave birth to a multi-billion dollar business, named “Google”.
Google is one of the most successful corporations that have ever been established. Through innovation, persistence, growth,
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Despite its short life span, Google controls a significant, and growing, share of the means of production of the entire Internet industry.
In the Appendix Exhibit 1 is a timeline of Google’s achievements in the internet industry in the past 10 years
As it is clear from the Exhibit 1 timeline, Google had and have successfully achieved being the No.1 search engine in the internet industry. As seen in the above timeline, Google in just a couple of years attained a unique innovation in search technology that resulted in releasing the best internet products, and through that it was able to generate enough revenues to make its acquisitions. We can also see that Google’s culture contributed to the current success, as it was able to play a great role in society as well. It also had many collaborations with other successfully companies like IBM, Apple and Yahoo. These were the factors that contributed to Google growth.
It all started from 2 computer science students building a search engine called a “BackRub”. Now there are thousands of employees and offices around the globe that work for what we now know as Google. Google mission statement is to “organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Since then Google has grown unlimitedly, first by offering search in a single language and now reached 41 languages. It is capable of automatic translation between 41 languages. These languages cover

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