Google Stakeholders Analysis

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Google is one of the most successful companies in the world. Its prosperity and good reputation have been largely attributed to the corporate social responsibility which ensures that the interests of its stakeholders are met by its operations. The company has a diversity of stakeholders who benefit from its diverse market products such as the Google search engine and internet provided through fiber among others services. The efforts of its corporate social responsibility should satisfy the stakeholder’s expectations as well as meet the international standards (Savage, 1991). To maintain its influence, Google must continuously address the interests of its varied groups of stakeholders. The paper establishes Google market and non-market stakeholders, …show more content…
The customers are the top priority stakeholders. Important since their behavior in the market directly affect the popularity of the company which relates to the business share and value to be leaped. From the Google’s philosophy- CSR- in business, the users of its products are their major priority and are, therefore, the important key in its corporate social responsibility. It beliefs that, when the users are satisfied other benefits and stakeholders will follow, hence all products and services provided by Google have incorporated the customer needs in their development
The employees are the major priority but are the second overall stakeholders of Google. The major concern of the employees is compensation which properly relates to their work experience and contribution. They are useful stakeholders in the fact that, their innovative abilities define Google. The efforts of responsibility in the CSR of the company addresses their interest by offering a competitive high salary and rewards as well as fantastic workplace conditions of the workers. They are also provided with incentives like: flexible working hours, and meals as well as an interaction platform. Thus the Google, corporate social responsibility sufficiently fulfills the interests of workers
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These relationships are to ensure that their interests as satisfactory met by the firm. They include; customers and media, government and NGO’s, investors and creditors. These stakeholders have common interests from the firm efforts in responsibility; useful products, regulations followed and financial profitability respectively.
The overall prosperity of Google Company is related to its corporate social responsibility that ensures that activities in the firm remaining satisfactory and address all the interests of stakeholders. The philosophy of focusing on the user has made the company to produce useful products that make it popular and profitable in business. Thus, customers enjoy a variety of products which have become integral in their life. The customer products of Google are the best attracting large population of users globally, therefore, production of useful products is the company

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