Google Organizational Culture Case Study

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In my opinion, the company provides a model of organisational culture that no other organisation could have. There is such a good example about Google’s organizational culture that leads into a great stage among competitors such as most of works could be done without a necessity of an organizational hierarchies and promotion for its operations team.

How Google’s organizational operation works? Google has its unique policy to run their operations through informal work culture and letting an employee to have a freehand to do the tasks. (Harrison and Handy) argued that a different solution was likely to be found by encouraging the employees to find their on way to solve a problems or even to promote a performance which will benefited the organization in many
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Furthermore, employees are more committed to the value of the company that has strong culture. It seems that the organization that has strong organizational culture is very well prepared to adapt quickly to a new changes towards achieving a new goals and objectives. These are the advantages of the strong organizational culture.

From the above understanding, it seems that a strong organisational culture has a clear value that employee adopted and committed to. Being committed to the company value will align the employees to the organizational culture and achieve the organization targets as well. Hence, such a strong organizational culture can benefit the organization towards achieving its goals and creating a loyal employee.

However, in contrary, the organisations where the culture is strong, employees will have a kind of belief that everything they do was the right thing that can be risky for organizational operation. In addition, a strong culture could lead to an irrational

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