Google Is The Fastest And Most Effective Search Engine On The Internet Today

748 Words Mar 8th, 2015 3 Pages
Google is the fastest and most effective search engine on the internet today. It was the brain child of two graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin. These two say they saw need of search engine that can not only display most searched pages but also most relevant information. After thinking about it, Page and Brin figured a page that has a link to another site has valuable information to that user and therefore using pages with links could bring relevant information to users. So the two have come up with this search engine that could in very short time check the relevance of a page and have most relevant pages appear on the top of the results. Google is efficient in finding relevant information in such a short time and this has made it popular. Not only have the number of users grown at a fast rate but more and more investors have gotten interested in investing in the search engine. Google is a success and will continue to add value if it remain relevant. Larry and Sergey identified a need and realize what they wanted the internet needed. They wanted to provide a search engine that it would in the shortest time possible gather, analyze and display relevant information to user for free. The growing demand for fast search process requires high computing power which is expensive. To reduce costs and stay ahead of competitors, the two came up with their own data centre where they combine many normal computers to form super computers this they continue to be running even…

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