Google Is More Beneficial Or Harmful? Essay

1677 Words Dec 12th, 2016 7 Pages
In recent discussions of Google, a controversial issue has been whether Google is more beneficial or harmful to education. On one hand, some argue that Google is more harmful to education. From this perspective, there is a viewpoint that Google is a tool that can give the answers to all of the student’s questions without them needing to know it. On the other hand, however, others argue that Google is more beneficial to education. In the words of Roger Nevin, one of this view’s main proponents, “Google Apps has significantly improved the way students and teachers work” (Nevin 46). According to this view, Google is more of an asset than a disadvantage. In sum, then the issue is whether Google should be implemented more in schools or less.
My own view is that Google is more beneficial to education than a hindrance to knowledge. Though I concede that Google can be harmful in some ways, I still maintain that it is more of a positive tool to help better students and teachers. For example, when students do group projects and can use Google Docs outside of class to make an outline for a video presentation. During the projects, a teacher can see their progress as they make changes to these documents. Although some might object that Google is just a tool to help students get answers to their questions easier, and allow teachers to be lazy and give a response such as “Google it.” I would reply to that Google is a tool and can be used in that way, but it can be used to bring information…

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