Google Is Making Us Stupid Essay

1176 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
A world once colonized by exploration and discoveries is now a world colonized by digital objects glued to our hands and pockets. From typewriters to computers and laptops, telegrams and pay phones to digital cellphones; technology has evolved and conquered the world. It has changed life and making it easier to live. There is however, a downfall to technology that isn 't often seen, according to the Articles “Google is Making Us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr, “Multitasking Can Make You Lose… Um... Focus”, by Alina Tugend, and “Just One More Game...: Angry Birds, Farmville, and other Hyper-addictive Stupid Games”, by Sam Anderson. These authors state the dangers of technology to our civilization. By suggesting that we live in a world dependent on technology, and that technology has changed individuals neurological circuitry, as well as how society has evolved.
Nicholas Carr, the author of Google is Making Us Stupid, was a finalist for a Pulitzer prize and author of multiple books about culture and Technology. Carr states the fact that technology is used quite often especially when researching a topic. It is convenient to research a topic online in 10 minutes rather than spending days at the library reading dozens of books. The internet provides immediate access to countless bits of files of information. However, there are side effects to the convenience of having the world 's knowledge at one 's fingertips. Carr uses Scott Karp a once vigorous a book reader, a literature…

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