Google Finance : A Popular Financial Platform Essay

1055 Words Oct 30th, 2015 null Page
Google Finance is not only a popular financial platform that I selected to use, but also a user friendly, free website that is easily accessible on any device, allowing individuals to quickly check their stock in real-time. The target market for Google Finance is stock traders, shareholders, prospective employees, and individuals who are inquisitive about financial investments. Since Google Finance presents data in real-time, individuals are able to make prompt decisions on whether to buy, sell, or hold their stocks. Google Finance service provides valuable information into a corporation’s financial decisions while delivering insightful data on historical trading volumes and prices. The financial website delivers stock quotes, dynamic graphs, investment data, currency conversion, and financial market news instantaneously. Furthermore, individuals can create online portfolios to track current investments or particular stock. The Google Finance homepage is organized into three sections, the left sidebar categorizes financial applications, the main space highlights significant financial information under various subheadings, and the right sidebar provides access to several essential tools. The Market Summary is the bulk of the main page providing users with relevant and important top news stories, trends, and a sector performance summary for the United States Market. The left sidebar provides application features that allow individuals to access various pages to…

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