Google Case Study Essay

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Google Case Study

What were the key factors behind Google’s early success?

Constant refinement for there search engine was one of the key factor behind Google’s success. With there PageRank algorithm, Sergey Brin and Larry Page were able minimize “spam” in there search results. This was achievable by counting inbound links to weight the relevance of the page, while other search engines was counting key words.

Google’s statement of philosophy is also important, “focus on the user and all else will follow”. They provided the best experience for the user, with a simple design and search results that are relevant and loads immediately, that at the time surpasses the competitions product.

Successfully monetizing there paid search
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The two most successful new business products is Google Docs and Chrome web browser. The success of the Google Docs stems on the collaboration feature that the product provides, which is essential in the work environment. Where the program is entirely cloud based and updates and saves documents automatically. Google was able to capitalize on this, because collaboration is difficult while using Microsoft Word. Furthermore, the Chrome web browser is very fast compared to the rest of the competition (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari), which is the reason that it will continue to gain marketshare.

I believe Google should deprioritize there plans to introduce there own operating system, the Google Chrome OS. I’m sure that the operating system will be simple and fast, however the product is too specific to capture the general market, by supporting only cloud- based applications. While the market is already saturated with Windows and Apples OS. Furthermore, this low cost alternative strategy, is dominated by the tablet market, for customers looking for a cheaper solution.

Android recently surpasses Apple with number of smartphones in the market. What does Google need to do in the mobile industry to remain competitive?

Reduce Customization
Although Android prides it self in customization, where you could tinker your phone to

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