Essay on Google Case Study

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Katherine Carter
Strategies and Policies
Case Study 8

Internet Search and the Growth of Google

In 1997 the domain name was registered by two Stanford students name Sergey Bring and Larry Page. In 1998, it became a privately owned, incorporated company known as Google Inc. Within 6 years of its inception, Google acquired 75% of US web search market. Even the word “google”, became a verb in our society as one would say, “let’s google him!”.
Google revolutionized the internet search industry by charging its advertisers differently that ever done before. First, they auctioned off certain “key words” and when such key words were typed in a query, web users were directed to those advertisers web page. In addition,
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Online advertising. Google will need to maintain its market dominance in order to stay on top of this game.
As evidenced by Microsoft, who spent and lost billions attempting to build a search engine to complete with Google, it is most likely that competition will ultimately come from cooperation amoungs competitors. Recently, Microsoft and Yahoo have teamed up.
Facebook also presents a threat to Google as it currently has in excess of 750 million users. Microsoft has invested over $210 million in Facebook.
In order to continue to dominate, Google must continue to increase its offering of services such as e-mail (g-mail), a calendar, and photo sharing. This will lead to further loyalty with users.
They must also continue to search for new areas of income thus diversifying. As example of this is “google apps” and the word processing program “Writely”, both developed to compete

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