Google And Google: The Acquisitions Of Google

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Since the creation of google in September 1998 there has been many acquisitions that has helped google establish themselves as juggernaut amongst other competitors. Google, a multinational multi-product corporation best known for its internet search engine has since expanded its work and has included many other features to their system. My goal for this paper is to inform the reader of googles biggest acquisitions and give a better understanding on how these acquisitions were brought to Google, why were they acquired, what impact the acquisitions have upon Google and last, I will explain how they were able to acquire each of the companies and maintain their miraculous growth.
The first Google 's acquisition I will touch on is YouTube. YouTube
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Android is a smartphone operating system (OS) developed by Google. It is used by a variety of mobile phone manufacturers. Google bought android for $50 million dollars. Looking at how successful the investment was the person that chose to buy android should be considered a genius. As of today google android is the most used smart phone operating system in the market today. And since being bought by google, android has not only produced great smart phones but they have also created watches, tablets, and televisions. And even though Google does not charge for using their operating system itself, Google gets paid from the mobile ads shown on Android phones. So from all the information I’ve gathered in my opinion I believe that Google purchased Android with intentions on advertising their other products and ideas. Which is a genius idea; they’re advertising their product with their …show more content…
I am referring to Motorola Mobility, Google bought Motorola mobility for $13.4 billion dollars. Motorola mobility is a company that produces cell phones, smart phones, and smart watches. This was a good buy for Google and Motorola Mobility has the ability to speed up innovation and make it so the customer will get better products and a more reasonable price. With Motorola having such great phones and Google having such a great operating system combining the two would only speed innovation. But Google later decided to sell Motorola at a cheaper price then they purchased it for. From the research I gathered I believe that google did this so they could focus on their previous purchase of android and to focus on what the company gets most of its revenue from and that being

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